October 27, 2020

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Want a competitive edge for your sales team? EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions strives to create unique selling propositions that differentiate our clients from their competitors. Reports have shown e-blasts segmented to reach an audience with specific demographics results in high opening and engagement rates. With our database, we can create strong direct marketing that is highly customizable for niche markets, creating an ideal customer profile that gets your message to interested eyes faster.

Koch Companies partnered with EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions to promote their services to a specific niche audience, boat manufacturers. EPG Media and the Koch brand team worked together to create a specific distribution channel of clients who would benefit from their services. Since the goal for Koch Companies was lead generation, EPG provided custom e-blasts that were easily trackable, showing the level of engagement the boat manufacturers had with the emails. Koch
By segmenting their audience, Koch Companies had a significant open rate of 22%. Inbound marketing is a great way to engage with your consumers in a unique way to stand out from your competition.

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