September 22, 2020

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There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year for conference event planners. EPG Media took that challenge head-on and forged ahead through the uncertainly to build a fully immersive virtual conference experience for attendees and sponsors. EPG Media understood the needs of its specialty audiences and potential sponsors during this critical year and was able to create an experience like no other. Since EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions has the resources that it has spent years and millions of dollars cultivating, we were able to bring expertise into a new virtual conference experience beyond your typical plug-and-play online seminar.


The Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference has been a successful leadership conference for the off-premise community. More than ever this year due to the dramatic shift within the alcohol retail industry due to COVID-19, the need to gather with other industry leaders was high. For both sponsors and attendees, supply chains shifted and were disrupted, and consumer behavior changed abruptly, so EPG Media knew how Important this conference was this year. To ensure maximum engagement for both sponsors and attendees, the following was created for the virtual conference:

  • An open discussion community platform for both attendees and sponsors to communicate
  • Live discussions and Q&A with speakers and sponsors regarding current topics
  • Direct meetings between attendees and sponsors
  • Exclusive content for attendees and sponsors
  • Opportunities for sponsors to create their own visibility and profile that best reflected their brand

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