December 14, 2020

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After this past year, it’s no surprise that brands are going to be focusing more attention on their digital marketing efforts in 2021. To provide the best service for new ventures, EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions has launched high impact ads to enhance engagement and drive higher response rates. Whether you are trying to reach the powersports industry or the beverage industry, EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions has a platform for your brand.

What makes these high impact ads so effective in an online marketing strategy? High impact ads are more likely to drive viewer action beyond the click. Viewers must engage with the ad before moving onto viewing any other content, driving consumers with multiple touch points and placements. Research has shown that when consumers engage with an ad through touch, it increases instinctive memory by 28%. Our distribution channels allow you to interact with viewers in your niche market, upping their effectiveness. Polaris
By creating an engaging and immersive experience, brands can entice digital users with ad messages, video messages, redirected links, and so much more. They are highly customizable and can be placed almost anywhere on these specialty industry platforms.
Let’s work together to create a brand message that resonates with your target market and get consumers excited to learn more about your business!

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