August 17, 2020

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Marketing your brand shouldn’t be about fitting into a perfect, pre-made mold to find and attract customers. Knowing this, we at EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions provide brands the ability to break that mold and create custom, unique alliance opportunities. These partnerships enable brands to combine resources to maximize their success, regardless of size or industry. Combining these resources is a valuable guerrilla marketing tool for businesses marketing to other businesses and those who market to consumers. With EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions being industry leaders in both the beverage and powersports specialty markets, there are many ways to create new and effective crossover marketing opportunities.

EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions was able to create an alliance sponsorship for Barenjager Honey & Bourbon for the V-Twin COVID-19 Crossing Tour 2020. Barenjager Honey & Bourbon was looking for a grassroots guerrilla marketing opportunity, and V-Twin COVID-19 Crossing Tour 2020 was looking for a unique alliance. Thus, a dream team was born! The tour lasted 2000 miles and each day ended with live videos making Barenjager Honey & Bourbon cocktails to unwind from the days ride.

“In a time of event cancellations and marketing dollars lost due to the recent pandemic — having this opportunity to have Barenjager Honey Bourbon sponsor the COVID Crossing with Thunder Press & VTwin Visionary was a great investment! Each cocktail video garnered anywhere from 3K-9K views — and gave our brand a totally new audience. We have already seen an uptick in our followers — and direct contact with new consumers who have already supported the brand with purchases out in the market.” – Jenny of Barenjager Honey & Bourbon




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