December 7, 2020

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Looking for cost effective ways to reach your audience as we enter 2021? EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions’ special digital enhancements are a great way to increase your digital reach, offering a unique way to reach your audience from any device while optimizing costs.

Adventure Wine was looking for a low cost, high engagement opportunity on The Beverage Information Group’s platforms. They partnered with EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions to create a package of video pop-ups in the publication’s digital editions. This allowed Adventure Wine to produce a video of up to 5 minutes, place it anywhere in the issue, and illustrate exactly what they offer.
Have you been wanting to partner with EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions but haven’t reached out yet? These are low investment options that provide high value in positioning your brand in front of your target market at the start of the new year.

Looking for more to sweeten the deal? Our immersive marketing solutions allow companies to create custom packages, including special enhancements such as video/audio pop-ups, roadblock ads, slide shows, and so much more!

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