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5 Scotch Trends in 2020  
  Sales of single malt Scotch rose 9.6% in America in 2019, reaching $925 million total. That represents an $81-million increase over 2018. What’s driving this growth? Scotch has evolved. For many years this category was seen by younger consumers as the whisky that their parents or grandparents drank. The spirit occupied shelves in stuffy backrooms, drank by old men seated in antique leather chairs by the fireplace. This was always an unfair comparison, given how vibrant Scotch is, how diverse. Now Millennials may be moving past those outdated viewpoints, and beginning their journeys into the world of Scotch. It helps that the category has innovated so much in recent time. Taking a page out of the endless experimentation of American whiskey, Scotch brands have released more unique and creative expressions that can capture the attention of the modern U.S. consumer. Blends and barrel finishes have led this charge. With all that in mind, here are five trends defining Scotch in 2020:

5 Scotch Trends in 2020
The Wine Industry Could Face Tough Times in 2020  
The Wine Industry Could Face Tough Times in 2020
Since the 2019 North Coast harvest, I have reported on the significant shock waves facing the wine industry. The past decade was generally very positive. The economy remained quite strong, and producers had great depletions and could periodically take price increases. Wine growth was robust as the consumer appetite for premium and ultra premium wines seemed insatiable. While there were certainly winners and losers among producers, the industry outlook remained bullish. Wineries savored these good times. Now, the new decade has ushered in an age of declining wine prices, with supply far outstripping demand.


Major spirits and beer companies are expecting a coronavirus hangover.
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