January 11, 2011

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Looking to start off your 2021 market strategy with a bang? EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions'’ webinars are a great leg up into the fresh eyes of consumers. Here at EPG we strive to provide effective marketing tools in a variety of mediums — but why a webinar? Hosting a webinar is a powerful tool for attracting new consumers and growing your business by educating digitally, delivering tremendous value to audiences and positioning your business as an expert in a specific field. Not only do webinars give you the benefit of highly valuable video content that can be shared or referenced when necessary, but it’s also a great way to get feedback from your consumers, giving you insight into their needs and desires moving forward.

A very good partner for many years, ARI Network Services partnered with EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions to host a series of three webinars to three different niche audiences. As an online and in-store technology solutions company, they are always looking for the newest, most effective way to get their message out. Webinars were a great way for ARI to engage with all of their consumers and educate along with selling their solutions. ARI Network Services was incredibly pleased with the results that the webinars generated and are considering more of them going into 2021!

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