May 3, 2021

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With traditional digital marketing channels being over-saturated, finding a unique opportunity to connect with your target market can be difficult. EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions’ presence at the frontline of the digital frontier allows us to stay creative and up to date on the latest opportunities for our partners. One of our current offerings is high-impact advertising, where viewers must physically engage with the ad before moving on to any other website content, creating targeted attention and increased brand recognition. High-impact advertising takes traditional website ads one step further, allowing the advertiser to get creative by embedding slideshows, videos, links, and so on.

T&S High impace ad
Turf & Soil Diagnostics, a loyal partner of SportsField Management, has been advertising in e-newsletters for years. Working with their EPG representative, they chose to try a middle-site high-impact ad to maximize the exposure to their audience — and it turned out to be a great match! Pushing viewers to engage with the ad before moving on to any more content really helped increase visibility within their specialty industry. With positive feedback regarding this placement and great monthly statistics, EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions looks forward to helping Turf & Soil Diagnostics continue to spread their online presence!

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