JAnuary 4, 2021

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Looking for a partner to help your brand reach your goals and get your message in front of your target market? Look no further! We at EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions have spent years building our knowledge and resources to create platforms within our specialty beverage and powersports niche markets. We know that brands want to position their corporate image in specific ways, so our special supplements highlight key attributes such as technology and sustainability to give you a platform to do just that.

NEFT NEFT Vodka, a boxed sustainable vodka, partnered with EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions to get their brand message in front of consumers. As they were new to the vodka market, our team advised them to focus their marketing strategy from a product attribute point of view, giving them a big boost of individuality with consumers. The Beverage Information Group’s Sustainability Supplement is included in three of our publications, all reaching specific markets within the alcohol industry, allowing NEFT Vodka multiple distribution channels to get their sustainable, all green message in front of the entire alcohol industry. Initial launch of the Sustainability Supplement yielded over 14,000 page views.
Have a message you want to illustrate but don’t exactly know the right distribution channels to use? EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions has the skills and knowledge to help create a marketing strategy to drive brand awareness.

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