February 8, 2021

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Brand awareness is an important aspect of every marketing strategy, so it makes sense to be on multiple channels that expand your brand’s reach and improve its reputation. Creating messaging to use across multiple platforms keeps your brand fresh on your target consumers’ minds while not overusing a specific channel. However, finding the right distribution channels within such audiences can be tough. That is why EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions provides multiple specialized channels for brands to interact with their target market, building up their presence and credibility within their industry.

As a longtime Boating Industry partner, Dealer Profit Services has witnessed firsthand the advantage of cross-channel marketing. This approach has allowed Dealer Profit Services to be recognized as a thought-leader in multiple facets of the boating industry, and this year they want to keep that momentum. Among many other initiatives, Dealer Profit Services will be hosting a webinar in March, sponsoring the well-known Boating Industry Top 100, and placing an ad in the Market Data Book — all vital components of the industry that engage separately, granting them more exposure to potential customers. Dealer Profit
Connecting with your consumers multiple times through their preferred channels is key to successful advertising. Cross-channel advertising serves as a strong reminder to customers that your brand is top of its industry while giving your brand exposure on a wider scale. Are you ready to send your brand’s exposure to new heights? Try cross-channel marketing with EPG today.

Let’s create a cross-channel marketing campaign for you!

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