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June 22, 2021


New Philadelphia law closes ATV, dirt bike loophole: report
New Philadelphia law closes ATV, dirt bike loophole: report

The Philadelphia City Council has unanimously approved legislation that amends the city’s traffic code to close the loophole ... Read More



MIC announces ‘Ride With Us’ industry initiative

‘Ride With Us’ – the powersports industry’s multifaceted market expansion program – has been officially launched by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC). “In late ... Read More


Accelerate Conference

RumbleOn COO Peter Levy appointed to Board of Directors

RumbleOn has announced Peter Levy, the Company’s chief operating officer (COO) has been appointed to its Board of Directors, effective June 17, 2021. According ... Read More



Snowmobile races cancelled due to lack of water

For many regions across the U.S. it’s been hot and dry so far this summer. As a result of the drought, the annual Celebrate Blackfoot ... Read More



Carlson Moto launches ‘Inside Off-Road’ YouTube series

Carlson Moto has announced the introduction of a new YouTube series, Inside Off-Road, bringing viewers behind-the-scenes of the Championship Off-Road series ... Read More



Boating Industry extends 2021 Top 100 Dealers application deadline

Boating Industry has announced an extension of the deadline to submit applications for the 2021 Top 100 Dealers program. After speaking with a number of ... Read More


AIM expo

Blog Spotlight
Micro-moments: Your dealership’s greatest ally

We all have those impulses to stop what we’re doing and grab our phone to send a text, check an email or scroll online. With the recent surge in digital usage ... Read More

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