February 22, 2021

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On average, targeted advertising is twice as effective as non-targeted ads. With digital campaigns operating as an essential strategy in 2021, identifying and clearly defining your target market is key to substantial growth. Different segments of your audience will each respond in their own way, so fine tuning each message to as specific a demographic as possible will expand your brand’s reach as far as digital allows. EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions’ highly segmented niche audiences in the powersports and beverage industries offers you platforms and opportunities to define your message for each of your audiences, ensuring no potential customer slips through the cracks.

Wondering where to start? EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions team has the tools and resources to help identify your brand’s target market and what platform would be best suited to reach each audience. Marketing messages are stronger when every detail is tailored to consumers wants and needs. This prevents wasting time and money on media buys that are not suitable for your specific audience. Being intentional about reaching every member of your audience in a personal way will help differentiate your brand from competitors, build deeper customer loyalty, attract and convert quality leads, plus so much more! Numbers

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