April 19, 2021

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Recent events have proven it is crucial for businesses to be tapping into all the opportunities the internet has to offer. Connecting with your target audience at the right place and right time is critical for successful marketing — and what better place to find that place and time than via the widening digital frontier? To that end, EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions offers many unique digital opportunities for your brand to connect directly with your target market in the specialty industries of powersports and beverage, providing a cost-effective boost to your brand’s message.

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One of the digital options EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions offers is an exclusive cover sponsorship for each of our digital publications. There is only one available per issue and it provides plenty of value add. Companies receive premium placement of a full page 4-color interactive ad opposite of the cover with trackable analytics, adding to your full-page purchase price ad inside the issue. It also includes a 700x300 banner in the digital issue eblast announcement for added exposure – and we don’t stop there! Cover curls are also an add-on to your full-page ad inside the publication, redirecting readers to your ad inside the issue. With all these benefits, your message will be sure to impact internet audiences every time.


Curious about these digital marketing add-ons? Contact us today to discuss opportunities!


Sara Nath * Director of Marketing * snath@epgmediallc.com * 763-383-4410

Mariah Gjerdingen * Sales Manager * mgjerdingen@epgmediallc.com * 763-383-4412




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