August 24, 2020

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Webinars can be a highly effective tool at any stage for your buyer’s journey. From awareness and education to the consideration and decision-making stages, webinars can help brands increase their authority within specialty audience segments. Most importantly, webinars allow more lead conversions into paying and loyal customers, making them some of the most highly performing forms of content. We at EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions have spent our time and resources building up our engaged specialty audiences to ensure marketers are set up for success with their webinars.

Kenect™ understood their marketing approach had to be about educating their specialty audience, making webinars within EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions universe a very appealing prospect. They knew that educational webinars are not about products or services, or about your business, but about helping the participant solve one of their pressing issues. Kenect™ launched their first webinar within one specialty audience last year and had such success that they have since expanded to three webinars this year in three different specialty audiences.


“Boating Industry and the other EPG publications always have such refined and specific audiences. It’s a no-brainer to partner with them to market our content—webinars and ebooks.”
    - McKay Allen, VP of Marketing, Kenect

Check out their upcoming webinar on September 9th




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