April 12, 2021

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Looking for a powerful, engaging way to capture your audience’s interest no matter where they are? Digital magazines with EPG are the answer! Digital magazines already allow for content to reach target markets and connect with readers on a global scale. At EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions we go one step further, offering digital enhancement opportunities for brands to take control of their own messaging while aligning themselves with our trusted industry presence.

MArketing Video Acceleration
With digital publications, advertising opportunities are only as limited as the imagination. With a large amount of interactive options, brands get to fully customize the content they share to optimize readers’ interests. For example, embedding podcasts or webinars entice audiences in a whole new way, engaging them in your story while educating them on your product. We also offer video options, letting you illustrate what you offer and greeting readers with a demonstration of your product or service to show its true potential.

The large amount of interactivity is not the only thing that makes digital publications stick out − they also give brands a unique opportunity for measuring engagement. Curious to see how many people listen to your podcast or viewed your webinar? Interested in getting deeper and want to know who listened or viewed? We can provide this information and more to get you real feedback on potential customers.

Take this opportunity to create a digital enhancement that represents your company in the best light possible.


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