March 8, 2021

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Looking for new advertising opportunities to soft sell your message? Looking for unique methods to make your brand stand out? Sponsored content is a wonderfully effective way to go! EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions offers sponsored content opportunities on our websites for you to share your brand’s message and get in front of your target market. Sponsored content feels less like a traditional advertisement or sales pitch, which is why consumers are more likely to interact with it. Its purpose is to tell a story about a brand rather than push a product, engaging your target audience and building friendly familiarity.

Positioning your brand alongside well-known companies within your specialty industry presents your brand as a thought-leader and increases your credibility. That’s why partnering with EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions is so effective — our platforms are the industry’s go-to for the latest news, trends, information. Combine this with our sponsored content, and your brand gets a big boost to the top of a customer’s list. Sponsored Content
CDK Global had an important message they wanted to share with their audience. They worked with the Boating Industry team to create sponsored content that would leave readers intrigued and wanting to know more. The best part was they had complete control of the content and images viewed by their audience. It could include text, videos, images, logos, etc. To read CDK Global’s full sponsored content article, click here.

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