November 16, 2020

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What is the most efficient way to capture your end-user’s attention in these isolating times?
EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions has an answer. EPG launched high impact ads to maximize online engagement and increase return on investments, giving you more options to effectively display your brand’s image. What makes these types of ads so powerful? Viewers must engage with the ad before they can move on to viewing other content. This captures attention, builds an emotional connection and invites immediate interaction. Even better, these promotional materials are not limited to just ads — surveys and videos can be used too! High impact ads combined with the right distribution channel is an effective strategy EPG offers to help you reach your target audience.

Polaris partnered with EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions to create a high impact ad to enhance consumers buying decisions when it comes to buying sleds. Snow Goer, our snowmobile publication for passionate snowmobile riders, was the perfect channel for Polaris to position their brand. Polaris

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