October 12, 2020

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Having extensive and accurate data for precise targeting of a brand’s audience is the most crucial point for any marketer. Unfortunately, most of the time there is a trade-off between quality and reach, dampening the impact of even the highest caliber of campaign. That’s why first party data is so important — it comes straight from the target audience to boost both reach and quality of any brand’s message. That’s where EPG Media and Engagement Solutions comes in! EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions can create first party data solutions because of their rich and abundant specialty audiences in both B2B and consumer audiences. Since EPG collects it directly from their audiences, you can rest assured knowing it's accurate and relevant.


Hearing marketers talk about how important first party data is for them led EPG to transform our audiences to create more data. We are continuously striving to continue innovating and adding to our already extensive data list. Some of the most recent first party data created was:

Recreational Boating Consumer Panel
With the uptick in sales and the shifting demographic of new buyers, dealers and manufacturers were looking for trends that would help their brands now and in the future. This robust panel of 1,000 boaters aims to help brands understand and fulfill their audiences needs and desires.
Woman Rider Consumer Panel
Female motorcyclists are becoming more influential within the landscape - but brands have struggled to understand the unique needs of this growing demographic. By creating this panel, brands now have access to over 1,200 female riders looking to have their needs met by their favorite brands.

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