August 10, 2020

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Brand activation has changed drastically during the shift to online-based interaction, and in many cases it is missing one very important element — in-person connections. Once brand activation has been broken down to this basic level, brands can really start to create experiential opportunities for their audience, “activating” that brand in the customer's mind with that personal touch. EPG Marketing and Engagement Solutions provides a surplus of opportunities for brands interested in deeper brand engagement with their target market. Our breadth and depth of connections within the beverage and powersports industries allows us to bring you face-to-face with potential customers, building a compelling story that keeps them coming back for more.

Old Forester Whisky knew the unique experiential opportunity that came along with sponsoring The Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference. With the event being located that year in Louisville, Old Forester created a one-of-a-kind distillery tour for liquor store retailers. The retailers were immersed in this whiskey’s world where they had the opportunity to set up their own barrel picks, engage in exclusive tastings and get personal with the distilling team. By strengthening that connection between the Old Forester brand and potential retailers, the brand’s distribution made it into stores they may not have been able to connect with previously. These are deliverables a brand doesn’t get with traditional marketing, and personal touches like this build brand loyalty for years to come.

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